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Posted by Admin on May, 24, 2021

The filter cartridge is essentially the core portion of a water filtration system that define the outcome of the water. The lovely appearance of the water filtration unit is just the cover that house the water filter cartridge or cartridges in places and attach the water filter cartridges in proper sequent.

Filter cartridges work to regulate how effective one water purification function to remove unsafe contaminants. No one water filter cartridge is claimed to be capable to remove all the contaminants like chlorine, synthetic chemicals, volatile organic chemicals and bacteria. It is always suggested that a combination of water filter cartridges make up a worthy water filtration system. For this requirement, there are many suppliers like the Mahle filter cartridge supplier available in the market who can fulfil the need for the filter cartridge.

The most common water filter cartridges obtainable in the market are as follows:-

Sediment Cartridge
This is generally used as a pre-filter due to its ability to remove sand, fine particles, silt, cryptosporidium and turbidity from your water. Sediment filters are usually rated by the size of particles they eliminate, in microns (One micron is one-thousandth of a millimetre). The smaller microns eliminate smaller sediments and the larger microns remove bigger sediments.

Carbon Cartridge
After the first stage of filtration, carbon cartridge which is usually made up of granular activated carbon or carbon fibre block are used to treat chlorine and THMs (trihalomethanes), endrin, lead, pesticides/herbicides, radon and toluene in the water. It eradicates very fine particles and helps to increase the clarity and taste of the water in a great way.

Reasons to replace and purchase the new cartridge
Once a cartridge needs to be changed, the health of those drinking the water that flows through the old cartridge can be harmful. To do away with that threat, an old cartridge needs to be exchanged in a fast and efficient manner.

By the same token, customers need to recognize that not every cartridge that has been made for use in a filter system is identical to all the other cartridges on the market. Tap water can hold many different types of contaminants. By buying wisely, a homeowner can feel safe about buying the right sort of cartridge for his or her water filter system.

The carbon in those cartridges acts like a mop. It soaks up the pollutants in the water. That carbon comes from natural sources-coconut shells, coal products and wood.

Floodwaters rise the likelihood that chlorine could enter the well water (and thus the tap water). After a flood, a homeowner should not overlook the importance of water filter replacement cartridges.

The cartridge can remove asbestos, copper, lead and mercury from the tap water. If you forget to replace it on time then you put at risk the health of all those residing in the home with the old cartridge.

Qualities of good filter cartridge supplier like Mahle filter cartridge supplier in India

Best delivery turnaround time
Maintaining high standards for packaging products
Make sure no damage or faulty product supplied
The quality team ensures that no package is shipped without a severe quality check

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